For the past few years, the housing market in Texas has favored sellers. Supply has been low, while demand is high. The tides are turning, though, and experts predict that the market will soon start to favor buyers. In the meantime, you might struggle to find a home to buy at a reasonable price. The good news is that you can cut through all the headaches, viewings, appraisals, and complications by having trust and selling your home to investorade instead. Are you interested in learning more? Below are four reasons why Texas home sellers are choosing to trust their home selling experience to investorade.

1. Unparalleled Customer Service

In the age of AI and robots, nothing compares to compassionate and authentic communication with a real human. Investorade strives to provide unparalleled customer service to everyone who is interested in trying or becoming a part of our selling services. If you opt to try our services, then you’ll be met with a high level of support and service. This is in direct contrast to the way other companies like us do business. Often, our competitors and other companies will do the very bare minimum when it comes to completing the transaction. With us, it’s not about the transaction, but about the people involved in it.

2. NO Deceptive or Predatory Practices

Another reason why you should trust investorade to sell your home is that we pride ourselves on being open, honest, and upfront. The entire purpose of founding investorade was to help put a stop to predatory wholesale practices by offering a fair alternative. With that in mind, we will never attempt to deceive our sellers in favor of getting a bigger payout. We strive to present accurate and honest information about each house to our sellers. While other companies often default to estimating repair costs, we will provide a more accurate description of a home’s condition rather than just making a baseline guess. This helps our sellers make informed choices.

3. Get a Timely Response from Our Team

It’s extremely frustrating to reach out to your representative via email or phone and then not get a response for hours or days. This is especially true during this housing market. Often, if you wait too long to make an offer, then your chances of securing a house drop dramatically.

With Investorade, you can expect to get a timely response from our team. We strive to respond to each inquiry within an hour (so long as it’s during business hours) of receiving it.

4. NO Double Closings!

Major companies, like our competitors, will often make the mistake of committing double closings. Double closings are a real estate investing strategy where one person secures a property, funds a new buyer’s purchase of the property, and then sells it to an end buyer for a profit. The real estate agent or wholesaler walks away with a profit, but they do both transactions in one, which hides the true profit margin from both the original seller and the final buyer. We believe this type of strategy isn’t wholesome, so we’re committed to avoiding double closings. By being transparent, we hope to have repeat customers who feel good about working with us.

Why You Should Trust Selling Your Home to investorade

When you go through the home selling process, you’ll inevitably run into questions or concerns. When you partner with a great platform and process like the ones that investorade has, you make the whole process that much easier. Our team strives to provide world-class customer service, remain available for our clients, and prevent our sellers from falling victim to predatory wholesaler tactics and other schemes.

Are you ready to get started today or do you just want to learn more about us? Find out more information for investors here.

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