Max Offer

Sell your home for Max Offer with the reassurance of available cash options. A network of more than 30,000 thousand Investorade vetted and preapproved investors make bids for properties. A traditional home sale takes a much longer time to bring those deals to a close.

Put your home in front of 35,000 prequalified investors

When buyers, compete, sellers win! We’ll put your property in front of our exclusive platform of vetted homebuyers, landlords, and flippers to drive up the sales price. You choose the best cash offer for your situation and we’ll handle the rest.

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Program Benefits

Peace of mind

More buyers bidding for your property drives up the price and nets you more cash. We prequalify our investors, so they have a bid that is firm with a guarantee.

We’re on your side

We’re here to help you get the best possible price for your home. There are no fees for sellers—our profit comes from the fees we charge investors.


We’ll help you get your home looking good for photos and in front of investors quickly. You can see offers as soon as 72 hours.


We’ll respond to potential buyers, field offers, and negotiate with buyers on your behalf. When you sell your home with investorade, it is a process that is simple and hassle-free.

Get a cash advance

You could qualify for an upfront cash payment of up to $10,000. After all, extra money is always handy when you have to move.

No obligation or pressure to sell

You don’t sign a purchase agreement until you accept an offer. If you decide not to accept any of the offers, that’s OK, too.

“I could not be more thankful for investorade! I was so tired of dealing with tenants from hell that made my life as a landlord miserable. They were absolutely great and not only did they get me the cash I wanted, but also took care of everything and made it hassle-free. I would definitely recommend!”

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Josephine Herrera Seller
available cash options

Frequently Asked Questions

How does investorade make a profit without charging a fee?

Instead of charging a fee to buyers, we charge a fee to the investors who make offers on our platform.

What if my home needs repairs?

All of the homes on our platform are sold “as is,” so there is no need to complete repairs.

How do I qualify for a cash advance?

Most properties do qualify. Contact us to speak to a member of our team about your specific property and situation.

How do I know whether Max Offer or another selling option is best for me?

investorade is dedicated to helping you find the best sales program for your needs. One of our expert team members will guide you through each option to help you decide.

What if I decide I don’t want to sell?

You’re under no obligation to accept any of the offers you receive, and we won’t pressure you to take one.

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