While much of the world’s economy remains on life support, the number of fixer upper homes for sale getting successfully bought and sold each day is on the rise. In fact, the rate of sales for fixer uppers spiked 13.4% from 2020 to 2021.

These numbers are great news for you if you’re currently searching Google for ‘fixer upper homes for sale near me.’ The statistics are also encouraging if you’re hoping to flip a fixer upper. Learn our top 4 tips for doing so below.

1. Get the Price Right

The number one tip you need to follow when flipping fixer upper homes for sale is to value your property correctly. If you get the price right on your listing, then the right buyers will turn up.

2. Market Your Property

Another top tip you’ll need in 2023 is to know how to market your property the right way. If no one sees your home listing, then no one will be interested even if it’s valued right. Know how to time your listing efficiently, stage your home, and craft an attractive real estate listing to ensure your ad reaches the right audience.

3. Be Patient

When selling fixer upper homes for sale, sellers tend to want to accept the first (or top) offer they receive. One main reason why is because they didn’t get the first tip correct, and they’ve undervalued their property. If you’ve valued your home properly, then you can rest assured that that a good buyer will come along if you are just patient.

4. Find the Right Business Partner

Finally, consider working with a partner who has your back. Working with an experienced house flipper like investorade can help you make your sale faster, more efficient, and at a better price.

Do You Need Help Flipping Fixer Upper Homes for Sale?

If you are currently searching for cheaper fixer upper homes for sale or you’re hoping to sell one, these tips can help you achieve success. If you still feel like you need some additional help after reading this article, then feel free to contact our team of skilled house flippers at investorade today.

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