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Get Competing Offers from Thousands of Investors.

No Realtors, No Fees, the Easy Way to Get the Highest Offer.

Submitting your information here does not obligate you to sell or incur any fees.

How it Works

Sellers love to get the highest offer, that’s what they get with Max Offer!

Step 1

We Post Your Property on Our Exclusive Platform

Our team will help you get your home ready to Post. Then, we’ll put it on our exclusive platform.

Step 2

Prequalified Investors Bid on Your Property

Our group of prequalified investors will compete to make the highest bid on your home.

Step 3

You Choose the Best Offer and Close at a Local Title Company

You get to pick the best offer. You’re under no obligation to sell to the highest bidder.

Over 1200 Sellers Have Sold to investorade!

You can sell your home simply, as-is, and worry free too!

Us vs the Other Guys

Not only does Max Offer net sellers more cash, it is a stress free
process where investorade handles everything.

  • Receive bids from up to 15,000 Cash Buyers in your area.
  • No hidden fees, no commissions, zero closing costs.
  • investorade handles the whole transaction for you at no cost

Other “Home Buyers”

  • High Pressure Negotiations
  • Last minute contract cancellations before closing
  • Lowball offers from greedy investors

Get the Highest Offer when Cash Buyers Bid Against Each Other

*Studies show that 42% of auctions usually exceed the fixed price*

Our Unique process results in the highest priced cash offers in the metroplex. Over 35,000 Cash Buyers bid on your property and our representatives drive up the bids to all time highs. The closings take place quickly and no appraisal or survey is needed! Max Offer is the best way to sell your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation if I don’t like the offers?

While investorade works hard to drive up the bids for you for your property, there is absolutely no obligation to accept any offer. There are no contracts up until when you decide to accept an offer from a cash buyer.

What is my involvement in the bidding process?

investorade presents the offers to you as they come in from our 35,000 cash buyers. You simply let us know when you want to accept an offer. investorade handles everything for you. You never have to speak to any cash buyers directly.

If I can’t go to the title company, can I get a mobile notary on closing day?

Absolutely. Many Sellers Choose to close in the comfort of their own homes. A licensed notary can be sent to your home on the day of closing from the title company.

happy family packing

“We were taken back when I recieved 12 competing offers for my property. investorade handled the bidding process. I got 9K more than offered by another company and I closed in two weeks. Honestly amazing.”

-Barney and Trina Ross

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