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Investorade’s Expertise in Diverse Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

The vast commercial real estate landscape covers a wide range of property types, which can present a challenge for property owners looking to sell. Many real estate companies do not buy and sell commercial real estate; when they do, they often specialize in a specific type of commercial asset. Enter investorade, a full-service real estate company based in Dallas, Texas. Our team has over a decade of experience buying commercial buildings and land, ranging from apartment complexes and other multifamily structures to industrial and commercial spaces to retail and medical buildings. We understand the commercial real estate space and offer sellers a streamlined and transparent purchasing process. While we are located in Dallas, we buy commercial properties in Houston, San Antonio, and across Texas. Learn more about investorade and the types of commercial acquisitions we pursue.

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Sell Your Commercial Real Estate

The real estate buying team at investorade is on a continual hunt for new commercial buildings, land, and properties to buy. Our Texas-based real estate company offers clarity in the buying process and fair market value for commercial assets of a variety of types, including:These reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • RV parks
  • Trailer parks
  • Storage & Storage Units
  • Commercial Land
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Buildings & Strip Centers
  • Medical Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
  • Multifamily Buildings & Apartment Complexes

Sell Your RV Park

RV parks have exploded in popularity over the last few years, but only some people want to deal with the headaches of maintaining these locations. For those looking to find a buyer for their RV park, investorade is here to help. We have been at the forefront of this type of commercial asset and know how to transfer into ownership, avoiding disruption to long-term residents seamlessly. Our team of experts has purchased several of these properties and is always looking for another one to add to our portfolio. If you are an owner looking to sell an RV park, investorade offers fair pricing and an easy sales process.

Sell Your Apartment Complex

Between managing residents and tending to a wide range of logistical issues, apartment complexes can be complicated properties to own and operate. Many apartment complex owners find that the difficulty outweighs the benefits but need help finding the right buyer to sell to. investorade is here to help. We own many apartment complexes and have a team of competent professionals with the experience to manage apartment complexes of any size effortlessly. Those looking to sell an apartment complex should contact us today to learn about our straightforward and honest buying process. Sell your apartment complex to investorade today!

Sell Your Trailer Park

Trailer parks are a non-traditional type of commercial real estate with many complications. Managing tenants and operational logistics can turn owning a trailer park into a continual struggle that some owners would prefer to be done with. investorade is happy to step in and take over ownership of trailer parks across Texas. Our team is committed to offering trailer park owners a fair price and an easy transfer experience. Sell your trailer park to investorade and know you’re leaving your tenants in good hands while ensuring you get the best available price.

Commercial Property Acquisitions in Texas

Commercial real estate ownership can be complex, and finding the right buyer to sell can have similar challenges, but investorade is here to help. Our team takes pride in helping commercial property owners sell their assets, knowing that we provide a fair, transparent, and straightforward sales process. Don’t waste time talking to real estate companies that don’t know what they’re doing; talk to true professionals in the real estate business. Learn how we can help you sell your commercial real estate in Dallas and surrounding communities. Contact investorade today to schedule a consultation.